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Livres en anglais 39 livres


Partager le plaisir de lire avec votre enfant des histoires en anglais ! Ces histoires sont lues par des comédiens.


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  • Chirrup! Chirrup!

    Chirrup! Chirrup!

    Spike the sparrow comes to Julie’s window. One day he follows her to school and they become friends…
    3,99 €
  • Jacotta's trunk

    Jacotta's trunk

    Jacotta lives in the attic of an old house. But the house gets pulled down. Where will she go with her mattress, her broomstick and her trunk full of secrets?
    3,99 €
  • Snow adventure

    Snow adventure

    Phil is a bit jealous because his sister is going on a school trip. Then while he is at school, learning about the Inuit people, it starts to snow…
    3,99 €
  • Alice's little tree

    Alice's little tree

    Alice is a perfect baby. Her mum and dad have a perfect little tree that they keep in a pot in their flat. But nothing stays the same. As Alice grows bigger, what happens to the little tree?
    3,99 €
  • Eliza's suitcase

    Eliza's suitcase

    Eliza is sad because her parents argue all the time even though they are separated. Is there anything that will make them stop?
    3,99 €
  • A night to remember

    A night to remember

    Come to the smallest of small villages far away in the cold north. Join the elves who are getting ready for something special...
    3,99 €
  • Mr Wind

    Mr Wind

    Mr. Wind wakes up one morning and starts to blow. He blow and blows, so hard that he blows the leaves away and knocks the rubbish bins over... What's the matter with him?
    3,99 €
  • Knight to the rescue

    Knight to the rescue

    Bigheart the knight is watching TV one evening when the newspaper says Princess Hawthorn has been kidnapped by a witch. Bigheart falls in love and decides to go to the rescue.
    3,99 €
  • Wolf Brothers

    Wolf Brothers

    One cold night, far away, the she-wolf Cassiopeia gives birth to two cubs. Grey Coat and Black Paw grow up together in the forest…
    3,99 €
  • Inspector Ratley investigates

    Inspector Ratley investigates

    Inspector Ratley has just finished his breakfast when Zoe comes round in a panic. Her bike has been stolen and she needs the inspector’s help. Can Inspector Ratley solve the mystery?
    3,99 €
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Articles 21 à 30 sur 39