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Livres en anglais 39 livres


Partager le plaisir de lire avec votre enfant des histoires en anglais ! Ces histoires sont lues par des comédiens.


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  • Libby and Alfred's big fight

    Libby and Alfred's big fight

    Libby and her brother Alfred are fighting as usual so they don’t notice the bath overflowing. Soon there is a flood that carries them away to a strange magical land…
    3,99 €
  • Don't panic Father Christmas

    Don't panic Father Christmas

    Father Christmas is getting ready to set off on his present delivery. But a few things go wrong and he gets in a bit of a panic…
    3,99 €
  • Piglets in Paris

    Piglets in Paris

    Curlytail and Baconscrap really want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So when the butcher comes to the farm, they jump in the back of his van…
    3,99 €
  • Snow adventure

    Snow adventure

    Phil is a bit jealous because his sister is going on a school trip. Then while he is at school, learning about the Inuit people, it starts to snow…
    3,99 €
  • There's a tree growing in my house

    There's a tree growing in my house

    One day, Pom notices a tiny tree growing up from the wooden floor of her bedroom. What will her mum and dad think?
    3,99 €
  • The Christmas giant

    The Christmas giant

    It’s nearly Christmas. A giant sits up in the mountains wondering why there are little lights twinkling in the village below. When the villagers cut down one of his fir trees, he wants to know what’s going on…
    3,99 €
  • Will little Fox ever learn?

    Will little Fox ever learn?

    Fenton Fox tells his son, Little Fox, that when he grows up he will be a chicken thief. But Little Fox is not a very good chicken thief…
    3,99 €
  • A bear called Ted

    A bear called Ted

    Ted works at the circus as a fierce bear. He doesn’t want to scare children any more so he escapes and finds a shop with lots of teddy bears in the window…
    3,99 €
  • Never lose hope!

    Never lose hope!

    Murat the carpenter is happy, until the king orders him to deliver one thousand million grains of sawdust by the next morning or have his head chopped off. What is Murat to do?
    3,99 €
  • The monster who wanted to be loved

    The monster who wanted to be loved

    Once upon a time, in a cave in the middle of a forest, there lived a hairy monster with big teeth and claws. He had heard so much about humans that he wanted to see them for himself…
    3,99 €
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Articles 11 à 20 sur 39