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Livres en anglais 39 livres


Partager le plaisir de lire avec votre enfant des histoires en anglais ! Ces histoires sont lues par des comédiens.


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  • Knight to the rescue

    Knight to the rescue

    Bigheart the knight is watching TV one evening when the newspaper says Princess Hawthorn has been kidnapped by a witch. Bigheart falls in love and decides to go to the rescue.
    3,99 €
  • Wolf Brothers

    Wolf Brothers

    One cold night, far away, the she-wolf Cassiopeia gives birth to two cubs. Grey Coat and Black Paw grow up together in the forest…
    3,99 €
  • Inspector Ratley investigates

    Inspector Ratley investigates

    Inspector Ratley has just finished his breakfast when Zoe comes round in a panic. Her bike has been stolen and she needs the inspector’s help. Can Inspector Ratley solve the mystery?
    3,99 €
  • Good night little bear

    Good night little bear

    The first snow has fallen and it is time for Little Bear and his mum to go into hibernation. But Little Bear can't sleep. He gets up and goes out into the night…
    3,99 €
  • Fire fighter Paul

    Fire fighter Paul

    Paul wants to be a fire fighter like his dad. One day, his father takes him to spend the day at the fire station…
    3,99 €
  • I don't want to get out of bed

    I don't want to get out of bed

    One morning Andy decides he doesn't want to get out of bed. His Dad can't be bothered to argue about it and takes him to school…still in his bed!
    3,99 €
  • Little Donkey Goes to school

    Little Donkey Goes to school

    Desmond loves being a donkey but he also wishes he could go to school. One day he follows the chidren…
    3,99 €
  • What about a mooh?

    What about a mooh?

    How about a MOOH?: One morning Stella, the little calf, wakes up but does not mooh. All the farm animals are worried about her…but a cuddle with Mom was all Stella needed!
    3,99 €
  • Piglets in Paris

    Piglets in Paris

    Curlytail and Baconscrap really want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So when the butcher comes to the farm, they jump in the back of his van…
    3,99 €
  • A night at school

    A night at school

    It’s time to go home but no one has come to pick the children up. Then the teacher gets a phone call… There’s a wolf about! The children have to spend the night at school. What an adventure!
    3,99 €
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